Bali Zoo Park


Fun Day at Bali Zoo Bali Zoo is located near Ubud, and there are 75 kinds of species, over 350 animals. 90% animal is In

Monkey Forest


Monkey Living in Forest Monkey forest is one of the famous destinations for tourist. There are wild monkey living at res

Bird Park & Reptil Park

バリ バードパーク&レプタイルパーク

Bird Paradise in Bali Bali Bird Park has 250 kind and over 1000 birds living there. Some of the kind bird is on the verg

Bali Botanical Garden


The Biggest Botanical Garden The large garden is a branch of the national botanical garden in Bogor, Java. In the vast f

Bali Butterfly Park

バリ バタフライパーク

Colorful Butterfly Park There are many kind of butterfly are live in the park. The famous butterfly puku-puku barong is

Crocodile Park


Wild Big Crocodile Crocodile Park is located in the middle east of Bali, near Tabanan. Tourists can feeding to crocodile

Bali Safari & Marine Park


Play with Animal for One Day It is one of the most famous spot in Bali where you can play with animals for all day. Safa

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