Besakih Temple


Key Major Temple of Bali Hinduism Besakih Temple is the major temple of Bali Hinduism, and it is composed by over 30 sma

Tanah Lot Temple


Picturesque Silhouette Tanah Lot Temple is built on the sunken rocks, and it is famous as beautiful sunset spot. There a

Uluwatu Temple


Temple on Uluwatu Precipice Cliff Uluwatu Temple is a Hindu temple set on the cliff bank in south part of Bali Peninsula

Goa Lawah


Famous Temple on East Bali Goa Lawah Temple is in Kusamba village in the Bali west. Goa Lawah Temple is one in six repre

Taman Ayun Temple


Temple of Fine Garden Taman Ayun Temple is a Royal Temple of Mengwi Empire and it is located in Mengwi Village. The wide

Penataran Sasih Temple

プナタラン サシ寺院

Gigantic Drum This cultural heritage is one of the sacred articles, kept in Penataran Sasih Temple in Pejeng Village, Gi

Pura Luhur Batukau


Calm Temple in Mountain It is built in the place of the altitude about 2,130 feet in the south of altitude about 7,500 f

Tirta Empul


Sanctity Water’s Temple Tirta Empul Temple is famous as a holy spring water temple. The moment this pool water is sancti

Ulun Danu Bratan Temple


Keep Standing by Lake It is the temple of enshrine Dewi Danu, The Goddes of the Water and Bratan Lake. The Temple founde

Kehen Temple


Magnificent Statues Kehen Temple is a magnificent Hindu Temple situated on the foot of the south part of Bangli Hill. Th

Gunung Lebah Temple


Temple in Beautiful Valley Gunung Lebah Temple is a beautiful small temple which is surrounded by forest. It is in the j

Sebatu Temple


Temple of Natural Spring Sebatu Temple is in calm forest in northwest of the village of Sebatu. There is the natural spr

Jagat Natha Temple


Fineness Design Tower Jagatnata Temple is located in the center of Denpasar city. The temple is dedicated to the supreme

Batuan Temple


Balinese Ornaments Batuan Temple is beautifully designed with Balinese architecture and antique Balinese ornaments decor

Kebo Edan Temple

クボ エダン寺院

Temple of Funny Name This temple is located not far from Goa Gajah Temple, east of Ubud. Kebo Edan means mad buffalo. It

Lempuyang Temple


The Highest Temple in Bali Lempuyang Temple that is a sacred place for Bali Hindu is located in east Bali, Karangasam. T

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